Product and Store Policy

By agreeing to these terms I acknowledge, and understand that that like with any skin care brand/product I am responsible for patch testing prior to full application. If any irritation of any kind occurs I will not hold Kelash Studio LLC responsible, but instead will discontinue use immediately. I understand though Kelash Studio LLC  formulates some products that are pregnancy safe, i will check with my care provider prior to using any products. I understand some formulations may contain nuts/tree nuts, and will review the product listing page or contact Kelash at HELLO@KELASHSTUDIO.COM prior to use. I acknowledge that all skin types vary, and these products may not work for me personally.

I understand that the processing time is 2-3 business days and the shipping time is a separate process that will vary based on my shipping selection. 

I acknowledge and understand that If I submitted a chargeback without properly contacting KELASH STUDIO LLC prior to submitting any accusation to my bank so that they can have a chance to properly help me, KELASH STUDIO LLC will handle all matters in small claims court. All fees associated with the lawsuit and the cost they encountered due to the chargeback will be the responsibility of the myself (the customer). BY LAW Fraudulent chargebacks are seen as a form of fraud. Merchants such as KELASH STUDIO LLC can take customers who abuse chargebacks to court, and most jurisdictions will pursue criminal charges against those customers.